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Future breedings are planned well in advance, and thoroughly researched with concerns to temperament, health and breed type - but not announced until they are close.
So yes, we might know more than you can see here.


The future homes of our puppies are picked with just as much, if not more, care and consideration as our breedings.

So if you wish to be considered for one of our puppies, please feel free to contact us, and tell us a little about yourself so that we can get to know you, and what have made you interested in a puppy from us.

But please know that even though you might like a puppy from us, we do not guarantee that we have the puppy who is the right match for you, and we reserve the right to make that call.

Our next litter is planned, and will hopefully be expected around the beginning of the new year - which means that we will hopefully be able to announce the breeding soon. This will be Aiko's second and last litter.

You can see more about her last litter from 2016, below.

Our puppies will always, at least, be accompanied by:

  • Danish Kennel Club pedigree certificate
  • Microchip
  • Registration with Danish Dog registry (Dansk Hunderegister)
  • EU-pet passport,
  • A piece of toy and/or blanket with the scent of mom and siblings
  • Food for the first couple of days in their new home
  • Membership to Spidshundeklubben (Danish parent club), for the duration of the year
  • One free dog show entry in baby or puppy class, with Spidshundeklubben.
  • Lifelong advice and counselling to the best our ability, on any subject, big or small.
  • Hope to be able to stay in touch and follow the puppy for the duration of its life.

And they will of course be dewormed and vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of our veterinarian.

 Puppy add 6 weeks

Click here to learn more about this exiting litter.



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